August 20th-Zoo Ala Carte-Last Show of the Tour

Zoo Ala Carte is one of my favorite Milwaukee festivals.  It takes place at the Milwaukee County Zoo and is basically a Taste of Milwaukee.  Food vendors representing over 70 restaurants and delis are set up at areas around the zoo along with stages for live entertainment.

The day started out rainy and cloudy as a very strong cold front went through SE Wisconsin.  Once it passed, temperatures dropped around 15 degrees to the low 70s and high 60s with a 20 mile an hour west wind.  As long as the sun was out it was tolerable, but as you can see, I started with shorts and quickly adjusted to midwest temps.  The colder weather affected the crowd too.  The first set was very busy but it thinned out considerably as the night wore on.  BRRRR!!!

The stage I play on is called the Lakeview Stage and you can see the lake behind me in some of these pics.  You never know what’s going to walk by.


As the sun went down and night fell I even had to put on shoes!

It did my heart good when Dave and Annalee showed up with her sister.  I got to get Dave up on rub board for several songs.

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A birthday party of babes showed up and added some much needed energy to the dwindling crowd.

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All in all it was great fun at a great event.  Thanks a lot to Lori the Biker Chick for selling merch, stage managing and taking some awesome photos.

Now it’s off to Florida.  Yee Haw!!!

August 19th-Day Off Doin’ Nuttin’

Having another day off was part of my plan as I start unwinding for my long drive home to Florida.

It started off with my wife’s best friend, Mary, treating me to a lunch at Blue’s Egg, a popular trendy semi upscale brunchy (as she calls it) spot.  Since I hate breakfast after 10am or so, and we got there around noon, there wasn’t much to choose from.  The Bloody Mary was weak and bland to start, so let’s just leave it at that.

After, breakfast, lunch, brunch, whatever, I headed over to meet Donnie for a real Bloody Mary at my hang out this tour.  Tap City, USAIMG_1872I love this place.  Jeanie was bartending, Max the bar dog was walking the foot rail of the bar, guys were playing pool, dice were shaking and the olympics were on.  America baby!!!

Max loves to greet everyone as they come in, hoping for a treat.




Jeanie had come out to State Fair to see me so it was great to see her one more time.  She also makes a killer Bloody.


August 18th, 2016-Great Day Off

After taking Monday and Tuesday to recover from the marathon that is performing at the Wisconsin State Fair and playing my last show at Barnacle Bud’s, I finally felt human again.

Every year I try to find some new places to check out.  I really like to go to places that are pure Wisconsin.  Locally owned with menus representative of the state.  This time it was the Newport Shores Restaurant in Port Washington.  Located right on the shores of Lake Michigan in this lake port town, it features walls of windows facing the lake.


I had to get this cute waitress.



After a Bloody Mary and a snit of beer I started checking the menu.  The menu featured seafood.  The first thing I noticed was an appetizer of smoked salmon.  It was delish.  It was fresh smoked and fresh caught right from Lake Michigan.  Perfectly done.

Since I’d been in Milwaukee, I’d had 2 fried perch dinners (a local specialty), both leaving a lot to be desired.  Hoping that the 3rd time was a charm I ordered it.   And it was awesome.  Lightly breaded and fresh tasting, I was in Wisconsin seafood heaven!!


After such a great lunch and drink I knew a nap was in my future.

After my nap, feeling totally refreshed, I decided to head out to see my friend, Bobby Way play.  He was doing a trio at Quaker State and Lube for the Thursday night car show.  The place was busy.  It was a gorgeous evening it was fun getting to relax and enjoy some great live music.IMG_1858IMG_1859IMG_1860

Bobby and his mates sounded great.  There song list fit the car show vibe like a glove.

While Bobby was playing I snuck this photo opp with is wife, Rhonda.



August 14th, 2016-The Last Day At The Fair Is The Best

Absolutely perfect weather struck Milwaukee on this last day of the fair.  Combined with the Tropics at the Fair setting it made me feel like I was home in Florida.  The audience was responsive all day long and it was great to see so many familiar faces that have come out throughout the years.

This young lady and her family have been coming to see me from back in The Yard Dog days.  Her father would dance holding her when she was a baby and used to throw her into the air and catch her, freaking us all out.


Patrick from Door County Fish Boil.  A major venue at the fair.


I think they’re on to me.


Donnie came again to join in on the rub board.


August 13th, 2016-Saturday at the Fair Rocks

After two slow days due to weather, the fair grounds on Saturday became packed in no time.  My time slot of 2pm-6pm was perfect as the clouds gradually blew out over Lake Michigan, leaving behind blues skies, moderate temps and a light breeze.

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My good friend and musical brother, Paul Barry and his better half, Pat, came to see me.  They live in the Villages in Florida now.  I got to play his song “Zydeco Saturday Night” for him.

Oh Oh.  I hadn’t seen these two for awhile.  They freak me out. The one that’s smiling is the ring leader.


Plushy Chucky.


It was Oscar Mayer day.

“Nuff said.



August 12th, 2016-Rain Out at the Fair

This time the evil weatherman was right and it rained on (mostly on)  and off all day and into evening.  Since my venue is an open air area, with trees for shade but not shelter, the few people that came either sat under the bar or hung out in the covered areas.

Here’s what I was looking at from the stage all day.

The few folks that came out did have fun.

Umbrellas were the style of the day.

There was still plenty to see inside the buildings.

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