August 16th, 2018-City Lights Brewing Company In The Heart Of The City

The City Lights Brewing Company is a year and a half old micro brewery in the heart of Milwaukee near Potawatomi Casino.  It’s a cool all brick building with a definite city vibe.  I met one of the owners this past winter at the Cape Coral Farmer’s Market and he wanted me to play there.  Pretty cool.


It was another nice summer night in Milwaukee and the mood was festive.

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August 15th, 2018-Farewell Party at Barnacle Bud’s

There was a nice turn out for my last show at Barnacle Bud’s.  The party got started on the 3rd song.

As the tour has progressed the audience has learned the words to some of my songs.  Including making some up of their own.

My friend Mark Cooper showed up and I got him to sing, My Girl Josephine, one the songs that Hat Trick used to do.  About half way through the song I got Dave up on wash board.

After that I got Jimmi T up along with the other guys to form our own Blue Cajun Grass Group.

As the sun set the party rolled along.

It wass an awesome night with many good friends and fans.  The staff at Bud’s is the best and they kept everyone supplied with food and drinks .

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August 12th, 2018-Day 11-Grand Finale at The Fair

The last day at the fair turned into one of the best.  I started early at around noon which meant I was there at a little after 10am.  All week long I had announced that if anyone brought me a Bloody Mary they would get a free CD.  This couple did not disappoint.bloody peeps

If you look close you can see the Bloody in my hand.  Don’t ask how they got it.


These kids are having way too much fun.

The fair has unlimited things to offer.

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The Bears always suck in Milwaukee

Milwaukeeans love to grab their balls and go bowling too.

Now I’M having way to much fun.

It was Veterans Day at the fair.  God Bless these guys and gals.

The Midwest loves their good time Rock n Roll.

It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.  Thanks to all for coming out.

August 11th, 2018-Day 11-Saturday at the Fair Rocks!

Let’s start with some good old fashioned down home shit.  This is what makes America Great!


It was a near perfect day and the crowds followed suit as the fair filled to the brim with happy Wisconsinites.

This 14 year old, Cheyenne, has been coming to see me and before that, The Yard Dogs every year for her entire life.  Her dad would bring her to see us when she was barely one year old and dance with her.  He would throw her into the air and catch her.  We would be freaking out, but she never cried.  She would giggle like she loved it.


Rockin’ the keys.  The midwest loves their Rock n Roll.

My voice has been holding up but barely, to the toll that 11 consecutive days of 4 hour a day shows takes.  Sunday should prove interesting.  It’s Bring Charlie A Bloody Mary Day.

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August 9th, 2018-Day 7-Who’ll Stop The Rain?

Thursday turned into a total rain out as once again the weather forecast proved totally wrong.  It started raining shortly after I started at 2pm and never stopped until around 8pm.  Needless to say the open air vibe of Tropic at the Fair was our downfall.  Hopefully the last 3 days will be better.

The rain did not stop these babes from dancing in the sand.  Only in Milwaukee.

Patrick, our bartender is learning the words.  Scary.

The pigs don’t seem to mind.


August 8th, 2016-Day 6-Half Way and More

Wednesday was another beautiful day in Southeastern Wisconsin.  So folks came out to party.  The rubboard has become a popular audience participation thing.

One of the members of the family of new owners, Michelle.  They are from Florida too.


My good friend B Mac has an incredible voice.

The fair is full of animals of all kinds.

My friends love this song.

Another great day at Tropics at the Wisconsin State Fair.

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