August 18th-Last Show in Milwaukee at Zoo Ala Carte

Zoo Ala Carte is one of Milwaukee’s most unique and popular festival.  The Milwaukee County Zoo is turned into a virtual Taste of Milwaukee.  Many of Milwaukee’s restaurants are represented and have food stands set up in various locations around the zoo.  There are stages set up at these locations for live music.  So you can walk around the zoo, take in the fantastic setting that has been created,  see the amazing exotic animals,  have some great food and drinks and enjoy a variety of local and touring musicians.  It’s one of my favorites.

The load in is interesting because you can’t drive your truck right up to the stage.  They pick up your gear in the parking lot and transport it with golf carts to your stage.  They have to by pass the crowded areas so the ride can be interesting.


Neil Hawes, a local talent agent coordinates the entertainment and the loading and unloading.


I play on the Lakeview Stage where there is a beautiful lake set behind the stage.

The sea lions are popular here at the zoo, too.

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It tt’s definitely a family affair.  The kids all have a great time.

As you can see the stage and the lake are a perfect setting for some Florida Swamp Music.

Careful these peacocks are hungry.

It was a great way to end my stay in my hometown of Milwaukee, WI.


August 16th-Farewell to Milwaukee at Barnacle Bud’s

The Wisconsin weather once again affected one of my shows.  This time it was The Farewell to Milwaukee show at Barnacle Bud’s  I actually started early because the chance of rain kept going higher.  I managed to get in about an hour and a half outside.

This is how the approach to Barnacle Bud’s looks.  You’d never expect to find a waterside dive bar after going through this parking lot.  Here I am coming in to load in.

Lori the Biker Chick thinks she’s pretty funny with her new take on the words to this song.


Then she encourages the crowd to do it too.

Folks started coming in and taking seats.  The place was filling up and a party was brewing

I thought I was done playing My Ding A Ling for the tour until some drunk requested it again.

I had 3 guest rub board players throughout the night,  Doc, Dave and Jerry.

Wisconsin folks never get tired of yelling “the Bears still suck”!!

When the rain started I couldn’t decide what to do.  Thanks to Jimmi T there is a sound system set up in the small bar so I plugged in and on went the show!

I don’t think I’ve ever shown pics of the inside of Bud’s, but it’s funky and quirky.  My kind of dive.

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It was a perfect setting for a rousing version of Bye Bye.


The tour ended on a high note.  Thanks to all that came out.



August 13th-The Wisconsin State Fair Closes on a High Note!!

The last day of the fair couldn’t have been any better.  The weather was perfect and the grounds slowly filled to another capacity crowd.  I started out the day with breakfast at Major Goolsby’s, one of the venues that offers breakfast.  That gave me the fuel I needed to kick some Florida Swamp ass!!

The day started out so mellow and laid back that I started with Sailing With The Dawn.  It was the only time I played the song at the fair, but I think the timing was perfect.

This is what it’s all about.


I thought I had eluded these 3 characters.  Now they’ve brought the ring leader with them (far right).  She really freaks me out.  Chills baby.


Thanks to Lori the Biker Chick, the Wagner family is picking on me.

These two became coyote simulators on Coyote Ugly.


A special dance for Two Pina Colatas.

It was armed forces day.

I wore my Army outfit.


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It was another great Wisconsin State Fair.

August 12th-Big Crowds at the fair

Saturday was a beautiful summer day in SE Wisconsin and the crowds at the State Fair reflected it.  They were massive.

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This slide show of the bungie jump has an interesting stop action effect.

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Doc sat in on rub board on this rousing version of Bye Bye.  I wrote this song when I first moved back to Milwaukee in around 1992 and helped start Hat Trick.

Then Doc and Eppa showed off their dancing skills.  Eppa also does belly dancing.

Guess who likes Aaron Rodgers?


I love the cow barn.  Rows and rows of tits!


The horses are awesome.

This was probably the best reaction to “My Ding A Ling”

Just another day at the fair.

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August 11-TGIF at the Fair

With cloudy skies, breezy NW winds and temps around 70, the fair was anything but tropical on Friday afternoon.  Ivmuddled through it though and managed to have a great day including an early Bloody Mary from my Florida friends.


I thought this hand clapping sequence was pretty cool.  Compliments to Lori the Biker chick.

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The Cheese Head Heaven Polka continues to be a hit.

It was Patrick Cudahy Day and bacon ruled.

These two sisters had a great time in the giant sand box.

All kinds of fudge.

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These Corn Heads helped create that Wisconsin State Fair spirit.

I always like to spend a little time with the sheep.  They’re not Baaaa-d


Buddys Dave and Doc love to sit in and add some cool rhythms on rub board.

These two saw me once last year in Florida and made a point to come see me.  That’s so cool.

There’s always something new and different to see.

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August 10th-The Weatherman Sucks!!

The crowds on Thursday at the fair were thin, largely due to the fact the the weather forecast was for heavy storms on and off.  Guess how many storms we got?  NONE!!  ZIPPO!!  ZILCH!!   It really chapped my stirrups.  The crazy thing is that I had a great day selling merchandise despite the small crowd.  Go figure.  Ya never know.

Here are some more of the sights and sounds.

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And Tom Anthony.

Birthdays are always fun at the fair.

It was also the Packers first pre season game that night.

Multi instrumentalist and Super Star!!

Plushy Chucky looks quite happy.


The fairest of the Fair


August 9th-Hump Day at the Fair!

Wednesday is Hump Day and people came out in droves to get a taste of the fair while enjoying some of the best weather of the summer.

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There are even bands riding around the fair on trailers.

Mary is the owner of my local neighborhood favorite dive bar, Tap City.


Heather came back to play the rub board on Iko Iko.  Hootchie Cootchie.

People wear the strangest t shirts.

My good friend and fellow solo musician Brian McLaughlin (B Mac).


We all got an Attitude Adjustment.